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How OrthoPulse® Makes Orthodontic Treatment Faster

Just like plants convert light energy into chemical energy, humans benefit from light energy as well. We all know that light affects pigmentation in skin to cause tanning, it is also responsible for Vitamin D3 synthesis and light reacts in the retina to cause the chemical reaction allowing us to see.

How OrthoPulse® Works

OrthoPulse uses the power of light to help patients achieve beautiful smile. The short version is that light energy helps cells work more efficiently and this allows us to safely move teeth faster than we could normally. Patients use OrthoPulse in the convenience of their own homes for 10 minutes each day.

The Benefits of Using OrthoPulse®

  • Reduces pain and pressure making teeth more comfortable
  • Increases blood flow to the area
  • Increases cellular activity

Combined, all of the above helps move your teeth faster, safely.

Leading Researcher in Faster Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Dickerson would be happy to discuss this in detail because he has been involved in the research to bring light therapy to the United States and orthodontics for several years. Dickerson Orthodontics is the world leader in this type of research. We incorporate our expertise in photobiomodulation to safely straighten teeth faster for our patients. It is safe, fast and effective. You may have used a product like this and not even have known it. Physicians use light therapy to decrease pain as well as increase the rate of healing.

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Dickerson Orthodontics continues its research using OrthoPulse and many of our patients have participated as well. If you are interested in being involved in one of our ongoing studies, ask your treatment coordinator if you are a good candidate.