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The #1 Clinical Research Center For Faster Treatment

Dickerson Orthodontics teaches other orthodontists in Europe, North America and South America how to safely move teeth faster based on current research and science so we can certainly help accelerate your treatment. Not simply the orthodontist down the street, Dickerson Orthodontics is the world’s #1 clinical research center for faster treatment in orthodontics. We incorporate the most recent research findings into our clinical practice to benefit you.

The Trusted Faster Orthodontist

In addition to faster, combining the photobiomodulation technology used by physicians for wound healing and pain reduction, treatment is more comfortable as well.

Our research using the OrthoPulse mouthpiece helped establish protocols for both Invisalign and braces patients. 10 minutes/day with OrthoPulse will dramatically decrease your time in treatment.

Following our protocols, most patients can complete orthodontic treatment in about a year.