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How Expensive Are Braces?

How Expensive Are Braces? - Title

When searching how expensive are braces, it can be hard to find a clear answer at many of the links you can click on. When you do, it’s often a cost range so large that it’s hard to know how much you’ll actually pay.

It ought to be simpler for you to determine if braces are affordable for you. 

So if you’re looking to know, “How expensive are braces?”, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you know everything that goes into the cost of braces and what range you can expect to pay. 

Make your decision about braces with confidence, knowing what you need to know to make the right choice for you. Plus, find out why you should be nervous if you find a braces website that gives you an exact price online (keep reading!).

How Much Do Braces Cost On Average?

You can expect braces to cost, on average, $6,000 – $10,000 for traditional metal braces in Phoenix (and most areas of the United States). There are many factors that can influence your cost of braces, but the three main factors are: (1) The complexity of your treatment, (2) the doctor’s expertise (a great doctor can actually save you money), and (3) whether you’re prioritizing your value received at the end of treatment or the best bargain before you start treatment. 

For now, know that for quality braces treatment, most patient treatment pay between $6,000 – $10,000 before discounts, insurance coverage, etc. 

At Dickerson Orthodontics, our patients pay about the same whether they go with traditional braces, clear braces, or Damon Braces for treatment in Phoenix, but not all practices are the same.

Braces can cost as low as about $3,000 for minor or partial treatment, but be careful of going into treatment expecting to pay an amount that low. Many websites will feature prices as low as $3,000 and then throw a bunch of hidden fees at you or up-sell you once you’re in the chair.   

If you opt for clear or ceramic braces, the cost can be slightly higher than traditional braces. But it varies from practice to practice and depends upon your specific needs. If you’re interested in the cost of Invisalign, check out our post on Invisalign Cost. Or get the full scoop on Braces vs. Invisalign

Keep in mind, these are just averages for how expensive braces are. Your actual costs will depend on your specific circumstances. 

If you have a mild dental issue that can be corrected with a simple treatment plan, your costs will be on the lower end. And the reverse for more complex cases.

How Expensive are Braces With Insurance?

If you have dental insurance, it’s likely that it will cover at least part of the cost of your braces. (Humorously, the amount of insurance coverage hasn’t changed since 1970.)

The amount that your insurance company is willing to pay depends on your individual plan, but if you do have coverage, most patients with insurance for braces receive about $1,000 coverage. Some people might get up to $1500, but that is rare. 

Please do keep in mind, your plan may cover less than average also. We will help verify your coverage amounts with your insurance provider. 

At Dickerson Orthodontics, we work directly with your insurance provider for you to make sure you receive the absolute highest amount of coverage possible.

So, how expensive are braces with insurance? If you have orthodontic insurance coverage, most patients receive about $1,000 coverage. Subtract that from the average cost for standard treatment with traditional braces – $6,000 – $10,000 – and you’ll have your expected cost range for braces.

How Expensive are Braces Without Insurance?

If you don’t have dental insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover orthodontic treatments (which is common), you’ll have to pay the entire cost for treatment yourself. 

In this case, it’s especially important to shop around and compare value before making a decision. 

When you do, it’s important to know that just because a doctor might promote that they cost less, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same level of care, same quality of results, and the same experience during treatment. 

Usually when you pay less, you get less. Price is an important factor in value, but there are other important factors, too. 

Some orthodontists include hidden fees in your treatment. Certain practices give you 1-on-1 focus and excellent customer care, where others may leave you feeling more like they’re just interested in seeing as many patients as possible. 

Some orthodontists charge different prices for clear braces vs. traditional braces. At Dickerson Orthodontics, you don’t have to hassle with that. The price of your case really comes down to the factors below, not usually which type of braces you choose.

You may also want to consider financing options – many orthodontists offer payment plans that allow you to spread out the cost of your treatment over months (or even years), or provide discounts for up front payments. 

Get a free consultation at Dickerson Orthodontics and find out how you’ll get more without paying more than at most other practices in Phoenix.

Factors That Impact How Expensive Are Braces

What Factors Can Affect the Price of Braces?

There are many factors which might impact how expensive braces are for you, but here are the most significant ones.

#1: The Complexity of Your Treatment

The complexity of your case will play a large role in determining how expensive braces are for you. Patients with more complex cases will often require more extensive treatment, which can result in higher costs. 

What we typically find is that many of our braces patients require a very similar level of treatment – it usually costs about $6,000 – $8,000. A more complex case might cost a little bit more, and less complex cases can cost less.

Sometimes only partial treatment is required (or needed at this time), and that will change your treatment cost, too. 

The best orthodontists will only advise treatment that is necessary and beneficial for your health and smile. Whereas many orthodontists tend to overprescribe solutions which can lead to you paying more than you really need. 

At Dickerson Orthodontics, you’ll get 1-on-1 care from our in-house expert – Dr. D – who is a leading voice worldwide for better orthodontic treatment, and he’s located right here in the Phoenix area.

Speaking of doctor expertise…

#2: The Doctor’s Expertise

The expertise of your orthodontist might be the most important consideration in your cost calculations for braces. It is definitely the most important factor in the quality of care you or your family is receiving.

It’s always possible that you’ve found a great deal when you come across a doctor promising that your braces treatment will be significantly less than most other practices you find and they might be a great doctor. 

But be careful to do your research before you begin treatment. 

Many cases are not as simple as they look, and often doctors underestimate what your treatment may cost at the beginning because they know you are unlikely to leave once you’ve started treatment (More on this in #3.)

Treatment provided by dental and orthodontic practices owned by corporations will often be less expensive in dollars, but more expensive in time, convenience, and sometimes hidden fees (more on this in #3, too).

Proceed with caution, and make sure you know what you’re saying yes to, and if there might be hidden fees or more treatment needed once you begin that isn’t included in the price you’re seeing today.

 #3: End of Treatment Price vs. Start of Treatment Price

The best orthodontists have years of additional training and see thousands of different cases over time. A great orthodontist will never be the cheapest option, but they’ll feel like a bargain when you see your new, winning smile.

That’s the key to factor #3 – the best orthodontists leave you feeling like you got a great deal at the end of your treatment. 

Other doctors often do whatever they can to make you feel like you’re getting a great deal before you start treatment. But when you add up all the common costs that come with the deal – hidden fees, longer treatment, more appointments you have to make time for, etc. – it stops looking so great.

The Best Deal for Braces is the one you feel at the end of treatment

Hidden fees are just one of the many ways you can pay for settling with your orthodontist. It’s one way some practices make their treatment prices look more affordable. Hidden fees are still quite common in the USA and around Phoenix today. 

But other invisible costs can hurt you just as much. For instance, our patients at Dickerson Orthodontics enjoy about half as many appointments as an average braces patient. That ends up saving you a ton of time and money. 

Our patients also finish about twice as fast as typical braces patients in the United States. 

You can enjoy these benefits and more all for a similar price to what you would pay elsewhere in Phoenix with absolutely no hidden fees.

How Expensive Are Braces: Conclusion

Your cost of braces really is unique. How expensive are braces is a question that really comes down to the complexity of your case, the expertise of the doctor you choose, and whether you decide to prioritize your end of treatment value or the best ‘deal’ you hear at the start of treatment.

The good news is, there’s a lot that’s up to you! Seeing an orthodontist early, before you experience issues with your teeth, can help you get ahead of big problems and reduce your cost of braces.

Get a free consultation at Dickerson Orthodontics today and hear about how you can finish treatment twice as fast with half the appointments for the same cost that most patients in Phoenix pay for typical braces.