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How to Get Fast Braces and Invisalign Smiles

Fast Braces and Invisalign Smiles

When you start researching how to get fast braces results or great Invisalign smiles quickly, you might be surprised to find out that the average treatment length in the United States for standard braces & Invisalign is 22-24 months. 

Wow. Basically 2 years? That’s the average!? That’s how long most people are forced to wait for straight teeth and a winning smile? 

Unfortunately, yes. 

If that seems like far too long for average treatment lengths to you, we agree. And we have good news for you.

There is a better way.

And it is available to you right here in Phoenix – for both braces and Invisalign treatment. (Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and Peoria, too.)

Spoiler alert: instead of waiting 22-24 months for your straight teeth and winning smile, you can get fast braces and Invisalign smiles in closer to 12 months at Dickerson Orthodontics.

So, how do you get fast braces or Invisalign smiles in Phoenix? We’ll show exactly what to look for, and how to make sure you’re getting accelerated smile results and avoiding a longer wait than you have to. 

When you’re done, you’ll know the secrets to fast braces results and accelerated Invisalign smiles. Stop settling for average when you can own your better smile, faster.

How to Get Fast Braces and Invisalign Smiles

Fewer Appointments

It’s a simple equation – if you can make more progress without having to come in for an appointment, you win. 

With fewer appointments, you avoid the hassle, lost time, and scheduling gymnastics of fitting another orthodontist visit into your calendar. And there’s no downside to you. The days when significant treatment progress was only possible with regular doctor visits are long gone. 

Today, with an experienced orthodontist and the advancement of technology, you can make progress in your treatment with far more time in between appointments than is typical at most practices. 

Just think about how great this news is for you – when you choose an orthodontist who has a treatment process that allows you to make progress every day instead of an orthodontist that relies on excessive in-person appointments to make progress, you see results much, much faster.

When you settle for the typical method, it not only requires more of your time and energy but also often leads to longer treatments. We know it works because we’ve been doing it for years. In fact, Dr. Dickerson has lectured around the world on this technique and become a leading expert.

Fewer appointments is a cycle that spirals upward – the shorter your treatment time, the fewer appointments you’ll need in total, which saves you even more time and energy. 

The fact that we’re dedicated to fewer appointments for our patients is a big reason that many of them finish treatment in closer to 12 months – almost 2x faster than the national average of 22-24 months.


Believe it or not, this one method may reduce your treatment length by 50% or more. 

So what is OrthoPulse?

OrthoPulse is a small device that looks similar to a battery-powered mouthguard. It uses very low-intensity light therapy to gently accelerate tooth movement. The device is FDA approved and has delivered fast braces and Invisalign smiles to patients for years. 

Combined with braces or Invisalign, it can speed up your treatment by 2x or more with just 10-minutes a day of use. 

Here’s the best part – not only does it significantly speed up your treatment, but it also reduces the amount of discomfort you’ll feel. It’s true! There are published studies of OrthoPulse reducing treatment discomfort for patients by up to 75%.

If any of these sound great to you, get a free consultation with Dickerson Orthodontics today and ask us about OrthoPulse.

Fast Braces and Invisalign Smiles: Conclusion

If you want to avoid tons of orthodontist appointments, extra discomfort, and slower results over more time in Phoenix, we’re here to help. 

Get your free consultation at Dickerson Orthodontics today.

Stop settling for treatment options that take years to see your winning smile. Many of our patients finish treatment fast with braces or Invisalign. It ought to be easy to get your winning smile. At Dickerson Orthodontics, it is.

And the best part is, this isn’t going to cost you more. Get your best smile faster at a competitive price to what you would pay elsewhere in Phoenix for average treatment results.

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